How to Play

What To Do

Your mission is to protect your food from hungry critters. Squash them, collect their juice, and use the juice to buy power-ups for more effective defense.


Each critter kill earns you juice. You can use juice to buy power-ups.

The juice multiplier at the top right of the screen shows how much bonus juice you will earn when you complete the level.

Each consecutive level completed increases the multiplier.


Perfect wave

If you stop ALL critters from taking a bite of your food you will earn a perfect wave bonus for that level. A perfect wave doubles your score.

Juice Store

Have a Juice Crisis? Don't lose heart.

You can always buy an unlimited amount from our store.


Power-ups help you when things get crazy. Each power-up has a cost – so use them wisely. Combine power-ups to achieve stronger destructive affect. 

Power-ups are stored on the menu.